We had the honor of receiving this Ada statue #1 year 2002 at Champion of Champion gala to our beauty Curiosity Luxury of Silk, this statue have now got a place in our new home.

Let this statue be our management star in the breeding plan now and in the future

CURIOSITY LUXURY OF SILK 13 years old on picture
MULTI CH MULTI W Curiosity Luxury Of Silk

2017 at Finnish Terrierorganisations 70 years gala dinner kennel Curiosity was rewarded for a dignified breeding work with silkyterriers with a honorary award.

We at Curiosity want also to thank you all our team members for loyalty to the breeders and great work in the breed in show rings as also outside, giving lot of your time to fulfill the success.

2002 Curiosity Silk and Luxury BEST SHOWDOG in FINLAND (all breed)

2008 Curiosity silkies resBEST BREEDER in FINLAND (all breed

image 2008 resBEST BREEDER in FINLAND (all breed)



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