MATCH SHOW, Helsinki 3.8 2015

MATCH SHOW, Helsinki 3.8 2015

Litle Tito silky did his debyt and did it very well, out of 52 puppies.
Beardedcollie Koda was excellent and worked super with her handler Hannna Jantti.

Thank You Girls!!

3rd in puppy class all breed Curiosity Soaked in Luxury, owner/handler Mai Puttonen
1st in adult class all breed Curiosity Birk Borkason, owner//handler Hanna Jänttti

Curiosity Birk Borkason           (c) Outi Toni




Curiosity Soaked in Luxury
Curiosity Soaked in Luxury.        (c) Outi Toni



Terrierspecialen, Trondheim Norway

Great News from Norway. Astrid Halseth handled great her 2 Curiosity silkies. Hugs also to Dali’s team, great day indeed.

BIS3 BOB Curiosity Gallant Game
BIM Dali’s Your My Sunshine
BOBveteran Curiosity Nothing Less

Curiosity Gallant Game
BOS Dali's My Love is Your Love BOB Curiosity Gallant Game
BOS Dali’s My Love is Your Love
BOB Curiosity Gallant Game

LAHTI INT 21.3 2015

Lahti International Show 21.3

Great day indeed. Thank you Terhi, Mai, Noora and Ronja for staying until end.

Curiosity silkies was judged by Hans Lehtinen.
I’m proud to hear his honest opinion of our breedingwork. Breeding will go on…. next time I hope we have something new to show him.
C. Greates Luxury; C. Stardust All Over; C. High Fidelity; C. Flashy Dude

BOB /BOBvet Curiosity Flashy Dude
BOS CACIB Curiosity Starrdust All Over
BM2 CACIB Curiosity Greatest Luxury
BM3 CAC resCACIB Paradise Passion Keep Me Curiosity
BM4 Curiosity High Fidelity

BIS4 breedersclass

HELSINKI INT Eukanuba Show 25.7

International Eukanuba Show, Helsinki 25.7

Lovely day with great friends, thank you Terhi, Krisse, Jaana and Sussu

Great results also
BOB CACIB Paradise Passion Keep Me Curiosity, owner Terhi Korhonen / handled by Kristina Bergström
BOS CACIB Curiosity Stardust All Over, owner Mari Salmela / handled by Terhi Korhonen

BM2 Cac ->FI Ch Made of Honour Bohemia Xantia, owner Pia Saares /handled by Kristina Heinonen
Open class 2nd with Excelent Curiosity Pulling Aces
BM3 resCAC Curiosity Play It Again, owner Jasmine Heikkinen

Our great juniorhandlers did also great.
Hanna Jantti BIS1 and Oona Sukander BIS2
Photo Jaana Hakonen

Kristina Heinonen with Made of Honour Bohemia Xantia
Kristina Heinonen with Made of Honour Bohemia Xantia
Oona Sukander with Curiosity Stardust All Over, 2nd in juniorhandling
Hanna Jäntti and Oona Sukander
Jaana Hakonen with Curiosity Pulling Aces
FICh Made of Honour Bohemia Xantia