Terrier Specialty 26.8 2017

While I traveled from Ukraine EUW back to Finland with EUW WINNERS and Ukrainian Champions Curiosity Raise Your Glass and Curiosity Winner Takes It together with Susanna Gourine, Curiosity Makes Me Stunning ended his puppy career awesome by winning BEST IN SHOW PUPPY !! ❤️🏆 at TerriEri terrier speciality show 26.8.2017
Judge: Cindy Pettersson, Sweden 🌹
BIS Puppy Judge: Charlott Sandberg, Sweden🌹

Thank you to both judges! ❤️
And Thank you Terhi for handling Stanley in BIS puppy ring! ❤️ and thank you to owner Sanne Välinen for love and care.

Somepictures of our puppies at Terrier special last weekend. BOB and BIS-1 puppy Curiosity Makes me Stunning ”Stanley” and BOS-puppy Curiosity World of Passion ”Penny”. Thank you Mai Puttonen for the lovely pictures <3

Curiosity Word of Passion
Curiosity Makes Me Stunning
Curiosity Makes Me Stunning on the move
BOB and BOS puppies
Curiosity Makes Me Stunning showned by Terhi Korhonen
BIS puppy with Sanne Välinen


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