KOTKA INT 16.8 2015

Kotka International Show 16.5 2015

Thank you to all friends for a great showday.
Curiosity Team did also great again, thank you everyone

BOB CACIB Revloch Curiosity In Cahoots, owner Miia Pauna
BOS CACIB Curiosity Stardust All Over, handler Terhi Korhonen, owners Mari Salmela and breeders
BF3 resCAC Curiosity Passion For Luxury, handler Tina Heinonen, owners Ansku Ahtiainen and breeders
BM3 Curiosity Stardust In Paws, handler/owner Tanja Mäkinen

Our breedersgroup was shortlisted in group, not the best of best was represented, they was a bit different colour and age

Kotka_BIR_BIM_ 2015
BOB CACIB Revloch Curiosity in Cahoots and BOS CACIBCuriosity Stardust All Over
Breedersclass with our youngster C. Stardust All Over; C. Paradise in Luxury; C. Pulling Aces; C. Stardust in Paws
KotkaINT_Pipsa front
BF3 resCAC Curiosity Passion in Luxury
Tina and Pipsa


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