This time we went to Crufts with Pia and Jiri. We had only 2 silkies of own with us Curiosity Proving The Point and Curiosity Raise Your Glass and from Norway Curiosity Gallant Game, aka Torres with Astrid Halseth. Great time again and we met lot of our silkyfriends there.
Jiri was handling Pedro and Pia was handling Sara. Astrid handled her Torres

BOB Curiosity Proving The Point
BOS Curiosity Raise Your Glass

BOS Sara and BOB PedroBOB Curiosity Proving The Point handler Jiri HalonenBOS Curiosity Raise Your Glass handler Pia Saares

VAASA IDS 15.4 2018

We had only 2 Curiosity silkies presented at this show. Sohvi was aming for CAC to get her championate and litle junior Leya was taking touch to the showground. Thank you Salla Koski and Tuula Tervo for showing your treasures.


BF2 resCACIB CAC ->FINCH Curiosity Paradise Princess, aka Sohvi
2nd junior Curiosity Shape Of You aka Leya

FINCH Curiosity Paradise Princess

LAHTI IDS 20.1 2018

This time we travel with Mai Puttonen, Seija Venho to Lahti and met there our other team members Sanne Välinen and Anna Forström. Thank you for a great day in Lahti. Our hope was to get CAC to Pedro for his championate

BOB CACIB CAC -> FINCH Curiosity Proving The Point, aka Pedro
BOS CACIB Curiosity Romance At Croyance
BM2 Curiosity Makes Me Stunning
BOBvet Curiosity Chic Choix Pop
BOS and BOB with judge Tiina TaulosBOB Curiosity Proving The PointBM2 Curiosity makes Me Stunning

Pleasanton, 18.10 2017 NORD California

Pleasanton, California October 18th and 19th 2017 NORD California Show

2x BOS Mariblu One More At Safire
And got his last Points to Grand Champion title.
Thank you Julie and Maryline for trusting this treasure in my hands. Lovely boy to work with.

Also litle puppy Curiosity Story Of My Life At Safire did great and won the puppygroup

AMGrandChamopion EST and RUS Champion Mariblu One More at Safire
Toygroupwinner Curiosity Story of My Life at Safire

Jyväskylä IDS14-15.10 2017

Jyväskylä IDS14.10 2017
BOBvet BOS Curiosity Luxury Affair
BM2 CAC Curiosity Makes Me Stunning
BM3 CACIB Curiosity Luxury in Paradise

BOB CACIB Tel Quessir Honey Trap
BF2 resCACIB Curiosity Paradise Princess
BF3 resCAC Curiosity Romance at Croyance


Jyväskylä IDS15.10 2017

BM2 CAC Curiosity Makes Me Stunning

BF2 resCACIB CAC Curiosity Paradise Princess
BF3 resCAC Curiosity Romance at Croyance

Our youngster had great results again. Here one pic from Stanley the young future star

Curiosity Makes Me Stunning took CAC both days